Two things that make you INVISIBLE on Facebook

Did you know
that you can actually be/ become invisible on Facebook?

Did you know
that Facebook automatically filters certain posts out, so that they don’t appear in your friends timelines at all?

Well if you didn’t, now you do! Your welcome 🙂

Facebook has recently made a ton of algorithm changes that affect all entrepreneurs that use social media to grow their businesses.

Social media isn’t the only way to grow your business. But if you use it (now a days, most people do), then you want to make sure you don’t do these two things!

1. Copying and Pasting

I know that a lot of people naturally do this. I see it all the time!

I am one of those people that gets inspired by other people’s posts. What I do, is copy and paste all the posts that I like, into my notes on my phone. When I say like, I don’t just mean that I hit the like button. I mean I actually like it – as in, I am thinking: ‘that’s something I would post’ or ‘that’s exactly what I was thinking.’ So I copy and paste all these amazing posts into the notes on my phone, and then use them as inspiration FOR my own posts. I re word them completely. I personalize them, to fit me and my life.

When you copy and paste a post verbatim on Facebook, you are basically letting Facebook know that you are a spammer. They will automatically recognize you as such, and filter your post out immediately. It will most likely not show up on any of your friends timelines. Once a post has been made, and it’s out there, that’s it. It’s already “owned” by someone. This means that the chances of your post being seen by anyone are extremely slim, next to none.

This is particularly important for Entrepreneurs using their personal FB accounts for Business purposes. Facebook is been on the hunt for us. They WANT us to use ‘Business’ accounts/ pages for Business purposes, so that we can use the tools available, such as boosting your page and boosting posts (paid advertising) to grow our network of people and get exposure. Hence why they continuously keep making algorithm changes, so they can single everyone out, to ensure everyone is respecting the platform.

Makes sense right? 🙂

2. Sharing from other Social Media Platforms

When you make a post on Instagram for example, and you hit that cool ‘share’ button, you’ve basically done the exact same thing as when you copy and paste. Facebook is less likely to acknowledge your post because you aren’t actually using the platform itself, to ‘post.’ When you SHARE from one social media platform, to another (Facebook), you aren’t respecting the platform and it’s capabilities. Yes, it’s easier and saves you a whole 5 seconds – but in all honesty, it’s just not worth it!

For the most part, my Instagram and Facebook posts are almost always the same. What I do, is post on Instagram first (personal preference), then copy/ paste the exact same text to Facebook and include/ attach the same photo (most of the time) of course. Doing this, only takes me an extra 5 seconds! Even if it took me an additional minute or two, I would still do it!

By NOT sharing from one social media platform to another, you are automatically increasing your visibility on people’s timelines – and THIS is what you want/ need to grow your business!


I hope you enjoyed and found value from this. If so, feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends and family!

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