When everyone gets sick! 😷

Ahhh! It’s totally that time of year again. Christmas and New Years just passed us and as we enter into 2017, everyone seems to be sick or getting sick. Literally! It’s the change of weather. It must be. It has to be!

I only get sick a few times a year. And when I do… boyyyyyy is it ever crappy! It stings so bad! I feel terrible, inside out. I feel like a completely different human being. I’m sure you do too!

What’s worse is that when you’re a mom, and you get sick! I know for me… I try so hard to make sure my kids don’t catch it. But of course they do! Or vise versa! It’s nearly impossible for someone in the house to avoid getting sick when one of us is feeling under the weather.

A few days before Christmas, Victoria caught a really bad cold, then Jacob, then daddy, then this mamma did! We were all sick from Christmas to New Years, and it sure was a complicated end to the year.

The Holidays are always my favourite time of year, because there is so much family time that happens. It’s truly beautiful. Although we were all feeling a bit off, we definitely made the best of it. ❤️

Thankfully, I was able to fight off the cold first. I desperately prayed for that! I wanted to be 100% functional ASAP, so I could take care of my babies, so that they could get better too!

If you’re a mom, I’m sure you can understand the urgency in getting ourselves better, FAST! Here are some of the things I was feeling/ feel when sick:

• weak
• tired
• useless
• helpless
• slow
• sad/ mad
• frustrated

How I/ we got better >> We had lots of tea (camomile and/ or honey lemon), my special carrot caugh syrup, chicken noodle soup, essential oils and tons of rest! I’m so glad we’re all feeling back to normal. Proud to announce that we are back to ‘regular programming’. LOL

I would love to hear any home remedies for getting over colds/ flues.

Please feel free to comment them below. 🙂 xo

I hope you enjoyed and found value from this. If so, feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends and family!

Marleana Da Silva  #momonamission #mwa

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One thought on “When everyone gets sick! 😷

  1. Our “best” remedy is Boling one Orange, apple and lemon. Once boiled and fruit is mussy then let cool down enough to drink. You can also eat the apple and orange!!!!
    Twice a day – morning and night and tada on the mends….and of COARSE a lot of REST.

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