Stop selling. Start helping. 

When you STOP selling and START helping, you will see a dramatic change in your life and business.

Think about it… do YOU want to be “sold” too? Do you want to walk into a retail store and have people following you around like a shadow and trying to sell you anything that you look at? Just because your browsing and you look at it, doesn’t mean your interested or want it, right? Same thing goes for social media! Do you want to scroll through your timelines and see nothing but sales pitches and business related posts? No, right? Do you want to check your inbox to have 2937474747373 of copy and paste type messages trying to spike your interest in a product or service you never inquired about. No, right?

As a business owner, I try my best to be consistent with a posting schedule and most importantly space out my life and business posts.

If your looking for a posting schedule or already have one but want to try something new… feel free to check mine out by clicking HERE.

I started using this posting schedule when I got into a funk in my business. I tried many different ways to incorporate a mix of different posts. I felt the need to do this as my business was slower then usual and I felt I needed to step up my game and take action in order to see the change I was hoping for.

The biggest mistake I have made since I started my business was trying to sell my products to every single person I possibly could. This was definitely a terrible idea! I now know for a fact that people don’t want to be harassed or bombarded with salesy pitches. They want to feel valued and liked/ loved. They want to trust you more then anything. That is really all that matters. If you gain trust from your friends and followers, it will become easy for you to “sell” your product(s) or service(s). I’m not saying it will happen over night. But one thing I quickly learned was that spending time being genuine and building meaningful relationships is something I wish I had done much sooner. It’s something I teach my team and share with others as much as I possibly can. It’s the biggest mistake I have ever made and the biggest mistake I see other entrepreneurs doing.

Once you have realized that it is NOT about YOU. It’s about OTHERS… you will see the light and move forward in your business. This, I can promise you.


Your goal as an entrepreneur is to HELP people solve an issue (with your products or service) that they have. They will naturally be drawn to you and purchase from you if they trust you and genuinely feel the connect with you and most importantly know that you care about them.

You are the creator of your future and destiny. Only you can take action to create the life you want and need for your family. Believe in yourself, and you can make anything happen.

I hope you enjoyed and found value from this. If so, feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends and family!

Marleana Da Silva  #momonamission #mwa

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