Potty Training 101


Ahh!! ( This is probably what you’re thinking ).

Whether you have already successfully completed this or not – yet!

We are pretty much responsible for making this moment/ memory in our child’s lives. We mentally prepare ourselves for when they are (or when we think they are) ‘ready.’ We invision the outcome, set out a road map to get there, and go for it! We go through the entire experience: the good, the not go good but getting there, the bad and the messy.

This is an extremely hard experience and milestone, to say the very least.

Jacob was about 1 and a half when I randomly decided to pull out the potty. He never showed any interest whatsoever. I would constantly ask him if he wanted to go potty and kept reassuring him that mamma would go with him. His response was always “no, I don’t want too!”

I decided to just go for it!

I told him that his baby sister was coming soon and that he would have to be out of diapers before she came.

>> BAD MOVE!! <<

I did what most new moms do… I asked around and google’d different potty training methods. I literally tried all of them. None worked. He kept peeing and pooing on the floor. He actually found it quite entertaining so I thought I would put it to bed for another few weeks and try again (in hopes he’d ‘want’ to be ready).

About a month later… 

Some of his cousins and friends were already potty trained. He watched a few of them use the toilet and it was almost like a light bulb went off in his mind, and all of a sudden – he wanted the potty… in his room. Yes, in his room. lol. Every night!!! He refused to potty in it and would argue when I tried to take his pants off. All he wanted was to have the potty in his room during the night.

I told myself…

He clearly still isn’t ready, but let’s ride it out and see what his game plan is.

Another month later…

Still no sign of interest.

Potty still hanging out in his bedroom overnight. 🙈

I thought for sure something was wrong and that maybe I should go see his Doctor for professional advice.

What a rookie mom move! I know… Haha

One thing the dr told me is something I (to this day) continuously tell myself all the time.

It’s something we all already know… 

Every child is unique and will only ever do anything when the time is right and when he or she is ready. << – – CLICK to retweet.

HOW VERY TRUE!! Right?!  

I told Jacob that we had to put the potty away until his sister came and that if/ when he was ready, we would try again.

Victoria was born January 2015, and obviously adapting to having two babies (and a dog) was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life.

Potty Training quickly became a distant memory and no longer something I even wanted to attempt.


Jacob was scheduled to start pre school September 2016 a few weeks after his 3rd birthday (August).

During the summer, I was preparing him (& myself of course lol) mentally, and emotionally. I told him he HAD to be out of diapers once he started school because ALL his new friends would be learning as well so they could all also be out of diapers by the time school started.

Three weeks before school started, I told him it was time. I told him we were going to work together to make this a fun (and painless, for me mostly lol) experience! I took off all his clothes and let him walk/ run around naked (literally) and told him he had to tell me when he needed to do peepee so he didn’t do it on the floor. I reassured him he was a big boy and that he could do this! He had a few accidents of course but I was doing my best to follow his every move so that I could place him on the potty during the ‘accident’ and throw a party (not literally haha) for him – for finishing in the potty. We did this for about two weeks. He was excited and enjoyed being praised for doing such a great job. He was proud of himself. It was soooo adorable!

Week 3… 

I told him we could go out and buy him cool underwear. Off to Walmart we went (our first outing in two weeks). I let him pick a few packs and told him as soon as we got home he could put them on. And that’s exactly what he did! He picked his fave undies the second we got home and his fave red Thomas sweat pants (yes, sweat pants during summer😬) and said he wanted to go peepee in the big boy potty and walked himself to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe it! He walked right in, pulled his pants and undies down, and sat on the toilet. He didn’t want help because he said he was a big boy and could do it by himself.

And then… he slipped in… 🙈

He cried and said he was scared. I comforted him and told him I would have to help him until he was big enough to go on his own. He said “no mamma, I’m a big boy!” Then I said “but babe that’s dangerous and you could’ve gotten hurt”.

I quickly put my thinking cap on! I grabbed my phone, off to google I went and I showed him a ‘big boy potty seat’ and told we could go buy one so that he didn’t fall in!

Off to Walmart we went… again! 🙈🙈

I thought he was going to be traumatized because he fell in. That’s seriously the last thing I wanted. We felt so close to the finish line.

We grabbed the big boy potty seat he wanted (Cars) and home, we went.

The second we walked in the door, he said he had to go pee pee! Yessssssssssssss! I set up the big boy potty seat up and on he went.

He did it! He pee’d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sooooooo excited. It finally happened. I clapped, jumped up and down, gave him tons of kisses, hugged him, and told him I was so proud of him – the whole works! LOL

The next few days, he willingly went and did peepee in the toilet with his new seat! It was such an amazing feeling, for the both of us!

We nailed it!

WAIT… no!

We only nailed PART 1 of 2… 💩

He pooped in his pants of course. Every day. For 4 days.

Quick wipe down and change of undies and pants… good as new – I’m sure he was thinking!

I had to hand clean, let dry, then machine wash every single time.


So on day 5 (that morning), I removed all his pants from his drawer. He had an ‘accident’ so we did our usual thing then went to grab pants. We open the drawer, and it’s empty! He looked at me surprised! 🙈

I told him we had no more pants to change into. He was upset and told me to go do the laundry! So I made him come and watch me “deal with the goods” and explained the procedure I follow, then told him we’d have to wait until later tonight. I suggested he wear one his PJ pants but he refused. He put on his undies and went about his day – continuously asking me when we’re going to do the laundry.

Believe it or not, he stayed pantless until bedtime! The next morning, as we’re changing and open his pant drawer, he realizes… it’s still empty!

I let him know that I didn’t get a chance to do the laundry but that I found ONE pair of pants he could wear for the day, as long as he had no accidents!

Can you guess what pair of pants I ‘found’ ?!

Of course…

The red Thomas the Train sweat pants! 🙈

Well thankfully, this worked! He let me know when he had to go poop. We went together. I helped him wipe his bum of course and told him that once he learned to wipe his own bum, I had a special surprise for him!

A few days later (and thankfully a few days before school), he was wiping his own bum! Yesssssss! I gave him a pack of Spider Man Stickers and a white Bristol Board, and told him to have fun and decorate! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed Jacob’s potty training story!

This is one of two stories… Victoria’s story is currently in the works! 🙂Below are a few of my mommy friends childrens’ potty training experiences/ stories.

Feel free to submit your story at anytime to be featured on this post! 🙂 xoJenn Weatherbee

I’m a mother of three, 6 month old twin girls and a 5 year old boy.

Potty training was a long and exhausting battle with my son. A big part of why it took us so long to get him trained was that he attended daycare for a year and they refused to help with potty training.

He was about 2 when we started putting forth a great deal of effort in getting him potty trained, and it took us 1.5 years to get him to finally use the potty full time.

He loved to pee on the potty, that we had little issues getting him to do, it was pooping that was the real struggle. He was due to start school when he was still three and we had to get the potty training done before then.

We tried everything to get him comfortable to go on the potty. We had books, movies, a pirates treasure box, stickers and a calendar, we bought many different potty styles, and even bought an Elmo goes potty toy!

Nothing seemed to work for him. We ended up throwing away all the potty seats and got him a seat that goes right on the toilet , like a big kid would use! This helped but he would still hold his poop as long as he could. While searching for tips I came across a song on YouTube, The Poop Song, Potty Training 101.

It was like a miracle! This song worked! 1.5 years into potty training we finally found something that worked. I highly suggest this to anyone who has issues with their child doing #2 on the toilet! It saved our child tears and me worry about him starting school without being fully trained. I’ve heard girls are easier to train than boys, I will find out soon with my twin girls, I hope it’s true! Good Luck Moms and Dads!
Nattie Theys

My son decided when he was ready. He had no problem peeing but pp’ing was a different story. When he was nearing JK, I told him he wouldn’t be allowed in the school if he was still wearing any form of diaper. A few days later he was walking around in briefs lol.

Marlene Torres

I had the best potty training experience with my daughter. When my daughter turned two I introduced her to the potty. I explained step by step on how we use the potty. One day my daughter approached me said she needed to go poop, she immediatly ran to her potty and did a poop in her potty. I was so happy and congratulated her. Later that day, she kept telling me that she needed to pee, she would run to her potty as fast and she could and peed in her potty every time. Two days passed and she was going to the potty all by herself, and let’s say the rest was history!

I hope you enjoyed and found value from this. If so, feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends and family!

Marleana Da Silva  #momonamission #mwa

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