FEAR is a Liar!

Guest post

Written by Jenny Rodrigues

Founder of Together, Not Alone


What is FEAR?
Why do we have fear?
Where does this fear come from?
Why suffer with fear?

These are all question we tend to ask ourselves, agreed? Well I ask myself these questions all the time, and even when knowing the answer we still revolve our lives in it. Do you think it’s ok to live life in fear? I personally don’t, but it’s life right! We either learn to live with it, or keep on fighting with it. Honestly this is something that I live with EVERYDAY – my doctor tells me I worship FEAR😩 and I want to do the opposite, I want to live my life happy, peaceful, not being afraid of what’s to come!


What is fear to me?!
Well the word alone expresses itself. It is a very strong word, and I believe that it’s probably one of the strongest emotions we have aside from HAPPINESS.

Fear is an emotion, an unpleasant emotion, that is triggered by our mind. Our fear is always about what’s going to happen next, wether it’s now, later or tomorrow. Which means that this fear of ours is always about that thing that does not exist. If we are fearing about something that has not happened yet, non existing then I’d say it’s imaginary?! Would you agree? It hasn’t happened yet so why FEAR?


I believe we live life in fear for many reasons:
• Past experiences

We have fear due to our experiences in life, could be past experiences, present or even future! Think of it! Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Look at it this way!

When we are born we are fearless correct? We are innocent little angels sent from God, who don’t know a thing. But as we grow we slowly get introduced into the emotion of fear. How? well by falling on the floor and getting hurt, ( you won’t want to do that again, because now you have experienced it and know the outcome and become afraid of getting hurt again), watching something on TV (wether it’s a clown or a monster, we now have fear of going to sleep because as kids we think it’s going to come and get us). The images stays with us, in our minds, forever!

As we keep growing we are exposed to more and more, and by being exposed to more; our fear grows stronger and stronger. So now we’re adults, and suffer with anxiety, panic, all because of FEAR. Just like that 💥 it’s taken over.


Again it comes from deep down inside! It’s triggered by many past or current experiences. The fear will always be there bottled up, just waiting for that thought or moment to come right on up and take full control.

The littlest thing can/will trigger that fear deep inside. Doesn’t matter how great your life may be, the minute you come across anything that you know will trigger it, it’s going to happen regardless. Now the only way to make all this go away is by approaching our fear and going for it.

My example for instance:

I live my life everyday in fear – believe it or not, I know it shouldn’t be that way but unfortunately it is. I mean I’m a very positive person and I always see the bright side of things before the bad, but for some odd reason I’m always afraid of something.

Especially when I go through my fases of anxiety and panic!!! I always tend to have my heart on my hands. Why? Idk it just happens that way. Your mind is in such a state that all it sees is fear! Just going to Walmart down the street, I’m already fearing of having a panic attack (hasn’t even happened yet, and I’m already lost in the fear).

We all have our fears, some may admit to it, some choose not too, other people have a very good way of hiding it, but deep down there’s fear.


That’s the big question, why?

Here’s your straight up answer- because WE want to! Because we choose to, because we have insanity and we think and think and think and do NOT just let things happen for happening. We are always omg what if this, why this, why that, but….

NO – we need to stop ✋ this nonsense right NOW 👇!! We need to stop living our life in fear and live in our LIFES! How? By not letting it control how we live, but how we want to and choose to. Yes there is ALWAYS going be that fear like I said earlier, but the only way to subside this part of ourselves is to over come the fears we have. Without doing so we will just keep repeating the same thing over and over and over. I mean if your ok with that shoot yourself, now me on the other hand I’m ready to take action and tell my fear to go F*** ITSELF! Sorry but that’s exactly how I feel about it. I’m tired of having it control my every move, not letting me sleep at night, not being myself.

Do you enjoy living your life in fear? Fearing the unknown? Really? I personally don’t think so!

So why not take action?? 

I’d love to do something with you all if it’s okay? 😊

Im going to ask you to choose a fear you have, doesn’t matter what it is, just pick one to start off and I’d like you to take that fear straight in the face and tell it you are not afraid, and will not let it control you ever again! When doing so I also ask you to make a video and send it to me or if you’d like go ahead and post it on this page!

Once I get a couple of responses I myself will do just the same! I will go live and approach my fear dead in the eye!

Accept your challenge by clicking >> CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Let’s better ourselves, together!

P.S Remember everything you ever wanted or want is on the other side of FEAR.

Together, Not Alone 💕

I hope you enjoyed and found value from this. If so, feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends and family!

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