How to create Instagram Highlights

Did you know that you can add stories to appear on your profile as highlights, even after they disappear?!

Highlights appear below your profile photo.

They make your profile look simple, yet sleek!:)

Here’s what mine looks like👇🏼

Tap my profile to follow @marleanadasilva 🙂

To add a story to a highlight:

1 Go to your profile and tap below Stories Highlights.

2 Tap to select the story or stories you want to add to highlights, then tap Next.

3 Choose a cover photo and enter a story name for your highlight, then tap Add. You can add more photos or videos to your highlight at any time by tapping Edit Highlight.

4 Note: Stories you add as highlights remain visible as highlights (and saved in Stories Archive) until you remove them, even after the original story has disappeared. Keep in mind that those you’ve allowed to see your story can also see your highlights

And that’s it! Pretty simply right?:)

Can’t wait to hear your feedback and would love to see the highlights you come up with. Feel free to share them inside MWA:) xo

I hope you enjoyed and found value from this. If so, feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends and family!

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