[#TruthBeTold] Why I use aWeber for Biz


I have literally been around town and back trying to find the best web platform and email marketing system for my biz! I have done what most people do and tried all free offers first! While I spent the last two years, researching and trying these softwares out myself, I have finally and officially committed to the two most easiest, user friendly, mobile compatible companies around!

Of course, you may not okay with my choices and that is totally okay! What works for me, may not work for you at all.

Nonetheless, I will share my faves with you in hopes to help you make a decision, should you be on the hunt for the right deals for you and your biz.

Let start here…. where you are reading this blog right now – this is WordPress!:)

I love WP for so many reasons. You can literally (no joke) create a beautiful website in minutes! And there are so many design options to pick from! The platform is designed for business, professionals and/ or bloggers.

My favourite feature is that it is extremely easy to use! You don’t need any type of special training or a degree in graphic design, or anything else for that matter! You can log right in, with zero knowledge and experience on how to build a website, and get it done!

You get your own domain name! Yes, you read right! You can register a unique domain using .com, .ca, net, .org or .me! You can also map your existing domain name to WP in just a few easy steps! How cool is this?

The stats are powerful. You can “keep 6” as often (or as little) as you’d like, so you can learn more about your readers. Things like, where they are from and how they found your page.

Lastly, WP has a pretty amazing support team. Their “Happiness Engineers” work day and night through live chat, email and support pages to help answer all your questions!

If you like the sound of all this, then give it a go! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can use the free version and also have upgrading options for additional services and features. I have upgraded and don’t think I will ever look back!

Click HERE for more info or to get started!

Let’s move right along and get to real juicy stuff… AWeber! When I think about them, it’s like putting the cherry and icing on top of a cake (or pie)!

There are 100,000+ email markets that use aWeber regularly. Why do you think that is? Because they are amazing of course! ALL the tools you need to grow your biz are available at your fingertips for you to use, the right way!

In today’s day and age, social media and email marketing have become the hottest thing. I am sure you know that though.

Email marketing, is perfect for keeping your brand top of mind and staying connected with your audience.

As a member of aWeber, you get exclusive access to all the service features available to help you grow, right away,. You’ll have access to sign up forms, templates and more! You’ll be able to create and send beautiful, engaging emails in literally just a few minutes! Most importantly, you can be confident in knowing that your emails will make it directly to your subscribers inboxes.

With email automation, you can discover how easy it is to create an email campaign with the sleek new drag and drop editor.

The free mobile app allows you to track your performance from your phone, from anywhere!

I’m sure you are probably wondering, well this all sounds too good to be true… So how much does it cost?

It is actually pretty inexpensive, compared to the other comparable companies out there that offer the same and or similar feature options. While there is no free option to use the following service, you can try it out, completely free for seven days, satisfaction guaranteed!

As a member, you get all inclusive pricing options, based on the number of subscribers you have. You can also choose to be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually.

I can’t say enough about the customer service team. There’s a reason why all of the experts on the inside continue to receive constant praise. They are so friendly and knowledgable and know exactly what to say and do to help you, any day, any time. They are available seven days a week via email, chat, and found to help you grow your business!

So, ask yourself… are you ready to grow your biz with email marketing?

If you answered yes… way to go! You are one step closer then you were yesterday and one step closer to achieving your hopes, dreams and goals. Click HERE to get started!🎉🎉

If you answered no, or are unsure, and or want more information, click HERE to learn more and get instant access to the 7 day FREE trial.

Whether you answered YES or NO… I have a special gift for you. If you want it if course!:)

If you use email marketing already, you will find this useful information so helpful!

If you don’t use email marketing (yet), take this gift and keep it handy! It is golden, I promise!

Your gift is a stepping stone of inspiration and motivation. Along with confirmation, that aWeber is absolutely amazing and provides all members with top notch training material.

What to write in your emails👇🏼👇🏼.

I’m excited to share this with you and I hope that you love it just as much as I do! You will be getting 45+ free copy templates and a course on how to master email content. Learn how to write engaging emails in less than 10 minutes a day, even if you are not a writer.

Click the button below to claim your free gift!👇🏼👇🏼

Enjoy! And happy email marketing friends:)

I hope you enjoyed and found value from this. If so, feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends and family!

Marleana Da Silva  #momonamission #mwa #mwb

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